Achieve Your Diploma With 10 Courses.

Achieve your diploma by completing 6 online core courses and 4 in-class electives. There are no prerequisites for each course which allows you flexibility and choice. Participants must obtain a passing grade (minimum 50%) for courses to be credited towards the diploma program. For certificate courses, participants are required to complete the final examination as well as obtain a passing grade. 

Core Courses (Online)

All 6 core courses must be successfully completed.

 One online core course is offered each semester (e.g., Fall, Winter and Spring). Each course is 10 weeks in duration resulting in approximately 30 contact hours.

Electives (Classroom-based)

Participants must successfully complete 4 elective courses. Complete details of these Certificates and courses can be found at Professional Certificates

Participants must successfully complete 4 elective courses from the existing roster of 28 courses associated with the UoG/OASBO certificate programs. Courses are offered annually during a 5-day class-based course. Participants can specialize and gain the Certificate or select elective courses from different certificate programs to meet their learning needs.